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IEEE ISWCS 2014 – SOLDER Workshop 26/08/14, Barcelona

SOLDER team members have proposed a Workshop to the IEEE ISWCS 2014 specialized on the topics of SOLDER like heterogeneous networks, carrier aggregation etc. and it had been accepted at the time of call for interests. In particular, chairs of SOLDER project were: Fotis Foukalas (Athena RC, Industrial Systems Institute Greece), Florian Kaltenberger, (Eurecom-France), Guillaume Vivier (Sequans Communication, France), Somsaï Thao (Thales Communications & Security SAS France), Slawomir Pietrzyk (IS-Wireless, Poland).

The abstract of the SOLDER workshop was described as follows:

Abstract: 4G mobile communication systems achieve high data rates, which might be comparable with those achieved by landline communication systems. Several key technologies play significant roles towards this end, among them Carrier Aggregation (CA). Carrier Aggregation has been introduced in LTE since Release 10 (LTE-Advance) and is also used in recent WLAN system, sometimes referred as Channel or Carrier Bundling.

Carrier Aggregation consists in combining several carriers available within the communication system to enhance the data rate for the end-user. This could enable access to a very large bandwidth, and has the supplementary benefit of facilitating the use of fragmented spectrum for wireless operators. As a result, Carrier Aggregation has become a hot topic, both from the research perspective and from the commercial deployment standpoint.

This proposed workshop aims to discuss the applications and the challenges of Carrier Aggregation as deployed nowadays, with reflections on experience from prototyping, field trials or commercial deployments. Moreover, the workshop will explore the evolution of Carrier Aggregation by addressing all kinds of aggregation, as pragmatic steps toward full flexible spectrum usage. In particular, the workshop will address the aggregation of heterogeneous radio access technologies and the use of LTE in license-exempt spectrum.

The final date of the Workshop that co-organized with CRAFT Workshop of ISWCS 2014 was Tuesday 26th of August. In order to have industrial feedback on the topics of SOLDER, we organized a panel discussion for cognitive radio application in 5G wireless communication system. The following panelists, as experts from industry who are working in the same field, gave a presentation and a talk:

1)      Markus Mueck, Intel Mobile (Keynote speech for Spectrum Sharing and Inherent challenges for Carrier Aggregation) ;

2)      Christophe Gruet, Airbus Defence & Space (former Cassidian), CA for typical public safety: Use cases;

3)      Nathalie Haziza, Thales Communications & Security S.A.S., on behalf of FP7 ICT Call 11 ADEL, Licensed Shared Access with Aggregation Capabilities ;

4)      Guillaume Vivier, Sequans, on behalf of FP7 ICT Call 11 SOLDER: Practical aspects of Carrier Aggregation implementation.

The panel discussion was very stimulating among the industrial experts the researchers of both CRAFT and SOLDER Workshops and the attendees. The most important outcome of the SOLDER panel discussion was the identification of cognitive-wise communications in 5G wireless communication systems. Mainly but not exclusively, carrier aggregation and licensed shared access are the most promising technologies to this direction. However, it is indeed recognized that both technologies require dynamic approaches making decision for the channel selections. In other words, cognitive engineering approaches is going to be addressed especially for the deployment in heterogeneous spectrum environments identically to the SOLDER objectives.

Finally, SOLDER members had the chance to present their works in the SOLDER workshop like ISI’s paper with title: Inter-band Carrier Aggregation in Heterogeneous Networks: Design and Assessment, and KCL to present their exploitation of ACROPOLIS to the SOLDER project.

IEEE ISWCS 2014 - SOLDER WorkshopIEEE ISWCS 2014 - SOLDER Workshop